HTSQL 2.1.0b3 is releasedΒΆ

Published by xi on 2011-05-13

A new beta of the 2.1 release is now available.

Changes since the last beta:

  • Added a fiber linking operator; see Linking Operator.
  • Provide named attributes for kernel expressions and the complement link in a quotient scope; for more details, see Projection Namespace.
  • Added in-selector definitions; see Selector Shortcuts.
  • Added $reference syntax for inter-scope references; for more details and rationale, see References.
  • Added flow method fork(): clone the last node in the flow, e.g. /course?credits=max(fork().credits).
  • Added flow methods filter() and select() as aliases to ? and {} operators.
  • Added method distinct(): distinct(table{kernel}) produces a flow of unique values of kernel as it runs over table; it is equivalent to table^kernel. distinct() and ^ operators now filter out NULL values in the kernel.
  • Changed semantics of and {} expressions: specifier () now allows arbitrary expressions on both sides, selector ({}) now sets the output columns in the current scope.
  • Added syntax *N, where N is an integer literal, to get the value of the N-th output column.
  • Added addon tweak.cors: append Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * to every HTTP response.
  • Added addon tweak.pgsql.inet: basic manipulations on values of INET data type.
  • Added addon tweak.pgsql.view: determine foreign key relationships for views in Postgresql.
  • Use search_path or its analogues to choose a table when the table name is ambiguous.
  • Optimized introspection for Oracle.
  • Added option -p to ask for a password on startup.
  • Added shell command run filename.htsql to load and execute an HTSQL query from a file.
  • Many other fixes and documentation updates.
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