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HTSQL 2.3.3 is released

Published by xi on 2013-02-01

We are proud to announce a new HTSQL release in the 2.3 development series.

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HTSQL 2.3.2 is released

Published by xi on 2012-08-24

We announce a minor bugfix release of HTSQL in the 2.3 development series. This release fixes a loading problem with HTSQL Shell.

HTSQL 2.3.1 is released

Published by xi on 2012-06-28

We are proud to announce a new HTSQL release in the 2.3 development series. This release adds a few major features including nested records, nested subqueries, locators, new and revamped output formats, HTSQL-Django gateway, and more.

In this release, we removed support for Python 2.5. Currently HTSQL requires Python 2.6 or 2.7.

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Introducing Locators

Published by cce on 2012-06-27

With HTSQL locators, you may easily reference a single record in a database table. This feature has two parts:

  • an id() function to return a record ID;
  • a [] syntax for referencing a record by ID.

We created locators to shorten common filtering cases and make it possible to access individual records without knowing the primary key structure of the table.

Locators will be included in our HTSQL 2.3.1 release.

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Introducing Django Gateway

Published by xi on 2012-06-14

The 2.3.1 release of HTSQL will allow you to easily include HTSQL service to your Django projects.

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Introducing Nested Segments

Published by cce on 2012-03-23

HTSQL now supports nested queries! Generation of multi-layered output is now trivial.

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Improved Visual Display

Published by cce on 2012-03-19

We overhauled the visual style of HTML-based output. The web-based editor and the /:html output now share the same formatting theme. This theme includes row numbers and visual hints for missing records and empty strings.

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Introducing Object Formats

Published by cce on 2012-03-16

With the forthcoming 2.3.1 release we will be adding an XML output and revising our default JSON format. These output formats are now designed for schema-aware applications.

Our generic formatter, for user interfaces handling arbitrary queries, is now called /:raw.

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Introducing Records

Published by cce on 2012-03-15

Back in October of last year, we introduced hierarchical headers for our HTML and TEXT output, but they were implemented by convention and not broadly available to other formatters. With the forthcoming 2.3.1 release we add support for nested records to all formatters.

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HTSQL 2.3.0 is released

Published by cce on 2012-03-07

This is the first release in the 2.3 development series. This release is focused almost exclusively on licensing and packaging changes.

With this release, HTSQL is now free and open source software under the terms of the AGPLv3. That said, we’re keeping our permissive license so that proprietary applications could use HTSQL in conjunction with open source databases. For more detail, visit

We’ve re-packaged HTSQL so that each database adapter has its own source and binary package. This permits us to specify dependencies, for example, HTSQL-PGSQL explicitly requires the pyscopg2 database client software for PostgreSQL. This packaging also permits us to clarify that adapters to proprietary databases are not free software.

Going forward, we’re switching to an even/odd release numbering scheme. Each public release is marked by three numbers, X.Y.Z. Here X.Y are the major/minor version numbers and Z is the release number. An even (odd) value of Y indicates a stable (development) release series respectively. Thus 2.3.0 starts a new series of development releases, which will conclude with the 2.4.0 stable series. Our stable releases are targeted to long term support and maintain syntax, semantics, and API compatibility when ever possible.

Finally, we’ve updated our website and introduced a new mascot!

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HTSQL 2.2.1 is released

Published by cce on 2011-12-15

The final release for 2.2 series is now available. This release was focused on usability improvements, metadata functionality gaps, and better Python integration. In this release we include:

  • support for configuration files and plugin parameters
  • a web-based query editor with highlighting & auto-completion (
  • a meta database for querying tables, columns and links (tweak.meta)
  • integration with Django and SQLAlchemy (tweak.django, tweak.sqlalchemy)
  • an API for making parameterized queries from Python applications
  • improved database introspection, error messages, and usability fixes
  • binary packages for Debian and RHEL

We also added a tweak.override plugin to provide granular control over the introspected database catalog; this plugin allows you to:

  • restrict access to particular tables and columns
  • provide missing unique and foreign key constraints
  • change table, column and link labels
  • define calculated fields and table methods

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