HTSQL 2.3.0 is releasedΒΆ

Published by cce on 2012-03-07

This is the first release in the 2.3 development series. This release is focused almost exclusively on licensing and packaging changes.

With this release, HTSQL is now free and open source software under the terms of the AGPLv3. That said, we’re keeping our permissive license so that proprietary applications could use HTSQL in conjunction with open source databases. For more detail, visit

We’ve re-packaged HTSQL so that each database adapter has its own source and binary package. This permits us to specify dependencies, for example, HTSQL-PGSQL explicitly requires the pyscopg2 database client software for PostgreSQL. This packaging also permits us to clarify that adapters to proprietary databases are not free software.

Going forward, we’re switching to an even/odd release numbering scheme. Each public release is marked by three numbers, X.Y.Z. Here X.Y are the major/minor version numbers and Z is the release number. An even (odd) value of Y indicates a stable (development) release series respectively. Thus 2.3.0 starts a new series of development releases, which will conclude with the 2.4.0 stable series. Our stable releases are targeted to long term support and maintain syntax, semantics, and API compatibility when ever possible.

Finally, we’ve updated our website and introduced a new mascot!

Specific changes since the 2.2 final release:

  • Extracted connection pooling into a separate addon tweak.pool since it was causing issues with SQLite and MySQL backends.
  • Added a quick start guide, HTSQL Handbook, and added a “Philosophy” section to our Overview of HTSQL.
  • Added describe command to htsql-ctl shell.
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