HTSQL 2.2.1 is releasedΒΆ

Published by cce on 2011-12-15

The final release for 2.2 series is now available. This release was focused on usability improvements, metadata functionality gaps, and better Python integration. In this release we include:

  • support for configuration files and plugin parameters
  • a web-based query editor with highlighting & auto-completion (
  • a meta database for querying tables, columns and links (tweak.meta)
  • integration with Django and SQLAlchemy (tweak.django, tweak.sqlalchemy)
  • an API for making parameterized queries from Python applications
  • improved database introspection, error messages, and usability fixes
  • binary packages for Debian and RHEL

We also added a tweak.override plugin to provide granular control over the introspected database catalog; this plugin allows you to:

  • restrict access to particular tables and columns
  • provide missing unique and foreign key constraints
  • change table, column and link labels
  • define calculated fields and table methods

Specific changes since the last release candidate:

  • Updated API for making HTSQL requests from Python application.
  • Improved error messages; added suggestions for lookup errors.
  • tweak.override: added support for global functions and parameterized calculations.
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