HTSQL 2.3.3 is releasedΒΆ

Published by xi on 2013-02-01

We are proud to announce a new HTSQL release in the 2.3 development series.

Specific changes since the 2.3.2 release:

  • Added comment syntax #.
  • Added support for references in locators.
  • Added a binary attachment operator @ (work-in-progress).
  • include JQuery and Codemirror to the source and binary distributions.
  • tweak.filedb: makes a database from a set of CSV files.
  • tweak.gateway: defines gateway to other database servers.
  • tweak.csrf: protection against CSRF attacks.
  • tweak.etl: insert, merge, update and delete commands (PostgreSQL only, work in progress)
  • tweak.django: fixed the introspector missing auto-created many-to-many models, respect Django transaction context.
  • htsql-ctl shell: improved output of describe command, allow multi-line queries when the input is not TTY.
  • Configuration: added support for !include tag.
  • Reduced memory footprint for large database schemas.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.
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