HTSQL 2.1.1 is releasedΒΆ

Published by cce on 2011-08-30

This is the final release of HTSQL 2.1 aka “Query Power”. This release focuses on supporting analytical queries with projections and calculated attributes.

Major changes since the 2.0 release:

  • Added MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server backends, in addition to existing SQLite and PostgreSQL backends.
  • Added support for projections (see Introducing Projections).
  • Added support for calculated attributes and references (see Introducing Calculated Attributes and Introducing References).
  • Streamlined HTSQL grammar and semantics, added support for time and datetime data types, and many other improvements.

Changes since 2.1rc1 include:

  • General code cleanup and refactoring.
  • Improved emitted SQL for projections and aggregates.
  • Changed operator precedence to avoid parentheses around filtering and projection operators.
  • Added a test data generator for HTSQL regression tests (thank to Yuri Yerokhin).
  • Added support for hierarchical headers for /:txt and /:html formatters.
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