HTSQL 2.2.0rc1 is releasedΒΆ

Published by xi on 2011-11-22

The first release candidate for the 2.2 release is now available. The primary change from the last beta is the introduction of a new tweak.override addon which provides detailed control over the database metadata:

  • restrict access to particular tables and columns
  • configure missing unique and foreign keys
  • change table, column and link labels
  • define calculated fields

The other major change is auto completion of table, column and link names in the htsql-ctl shell and the web-based editor. We also added a @ scope reset operator. Finally, we now have binary packages for Debian and RedHat GNU/Linux systems.

Specific changes since the last beta include:

  • Added @ scope reset operator.
  • Omit schemas when serializing table names to SQL.
  • Validate configuration on startup.
  • Added tweak.override: restricting access to specific tables and columns, adding database constraints, changing table, column and link labels, defining calculated fields.
  • Added tweak.django: integration with Django framework.
  • tweak.meta: improved the meta schema.
  • tweak.cors: added origin parameter.
  • autocompletion by Ctrl-Space, improved layout.
  • htsql-ctl shell: Tab-completion for commands and identifiers.
  • Refactored database introspection and model graph.
  • Refactored to use Unicode strings internally.
  • Various build improvements: now building source, DEB and RPM packages.
  • Updated documentation on installing, using and configuring HTSQL.
  • Documentation on deploying on Heroku cloud platform.
  • Added regression tests for addons.

Major changes since the 2.1 release:

  • Added web-based editor with syntax highlighting & completion
  • Added tweak.override: provides granular meta-data customization
  • Added tweak.meta: meta() command to query database meta-data including tables, columns and links.
  • Added integration with Django and SQLAlchemy frameworks.
  • Added support for plugin parameters and configuration files.
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