HTSQL 2.1 Development Update

Published by cce on 2011-03-20

This is a development status update for HTSQL 2.1, including a statement of scope, notes on projections, database backends and numerous other features that we’re currently working on.

Release Scope

The scope for the HTSQL 2.1 release is defined primarily around an end-user deliverable – the ability to succinctly translate a sample of complex SQL queries from the financial industry. Along these lines, the primary gaps in HTSQL that we identified were:

  • support for projections, the ability for a each row in the result to represent distinct values from a set of expressions;
  • support for detachment, so that we can compare a row-value of a column to an aggregate on that same column;
  • support for macros, parameterized logic fragments that can be declared once and re-used several times in a given query; and
  • an optimization phase so that sets of similar aggregate expressions can be converted into a single subquery frame using conditional logic instead of requiring a subquery for each aggregate.

Besides this core objective, we have several internal refactor goals:

  • review semantics of select and filter operators and provide a functional syntax equivalent to aid composability;
  • review name lookup rules and mechanisms to refer to components from prior query contexts

Finally, because of user feedback, we added two more objectives:

  • support for datetime data type and corresponding operators;
  • support for MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server backends.

We also intend to expand the documentation – many features in the 2.0 release weren’t documented. We hope to fill in this gap and document all of the new features we’re introducing.

While there are lots of other things we could have put in this release, it’s already too big, so many other high-value features will wait for the next release. Two features we will reluctantly omit are:

  • a mechanism to override the HTSQL catalog to exclude/rename tables and other introspected meta-data objects;
  • any sort of introspection, ie, listing tables available in HTSQL, or columns that you can in the database;

In short... due to feature creep, this release is quite substantial and will take some time to specify, complete, document and test.

Current Status

At this point, support for projections, macros, and other backends is implemented – but all of these features lack documentation and full regression coverage tests. We also reviewed name lookup rules (to support macros) and have adjusted the implementation to support new behavior that is required.

What’s up next is documentation for projections and macros, support for datetime/timestamp, and several other features and changes.

Finally, we’ve added the optimization phase to the translator, but it doesn’t yet perform the specific query transformation we have in mind. This, other optimizations and refactors after low-level code review will take the final month of the release cycle.

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