Deploying HTSQL

Table of Contents

The following instructions assume you’ve installed HTSQL and wish to deploy it to an existing web server.


The built-in HTSQL web server was designed for personal and testing use and may appear inadequate for production deployment. In particular, it does not not provide any means for authentication and lacks SSL support.

Integration with Apache

It is possible to integrate HTSQL with Apache HTTP Server using mod_wsgi. Here we assume that both Apache and mod_wsgi are already installed.

First, create a WSGI script file:

from htsql import HTSQL

# The address of the database in the form:
#   engine://user:pass@host:port/database
DB = '...'

application = HTSQL(DB)

Save this file as htsql.wsgi and place it to a directory accessible by Apache (but do not put it below the root of the web site so that it cannot be downloaded).

Next, add the following line to the Apache configuration file:

WSGIScriptAlias /htsql /path/to/htsql.wsgi

This line should be added to the VirtualHost section of the respective web site. It associates any URL starting with /htsql with the HTSQL server.

For more information of installing and configuring Apache and mod_wsgi, see documentation for the respective projects, in particular, Quick Configuration Guide for mod_wsgi.


Giving HTSQL access is practically equivalent to giving an access to a read-only SQL console and should be planned accordingly.

HTSQL, as a gateway between HTTP server and a database server, does not provide any security mechanisms. Any protection should be set up on either the HTTP or the database layers. On the HTTP layer, you may put the HTSQL server behind an HTTP server or a proxy to provide SSL, authentication and caching. On the database layer, you may restrict access to selected database entities using roles and permissions.

With a proper setup, data leaks should be impossible. Another potential vector of attack is overloading the database server, against which we recommend setting up an HTTP caching layer and restricting resource usage for the HTSQL database user.