Installing HTSQL

Binary Packages

The easiest way to install HTSQL is to use a binary package. We provide binary packages for various Linux platforms, available at

Install from Source

To install HTSQL from source, use the pip package manager. Run:

# pip install HTSQL

pip will download, build and install HTSQL and all its dependencies.

HTSQL works out of the box with SQLite databases. To run HTSQL on top of other database servers, you need to install additional database backends.

To install a PostgreSQL backend, run:

# pip install HTSQL-PGSQL

To install a MySQL backend, run:

# pip install HTSQL-MYSQL

To install an Oracle backend, run:

# pip install HTSQL-ORACLE

To install a backend for Microsoft SQL Server, run:

# pip install HTSQL-MSSQL