HTSQL Community

We are a community project—we do not have a “professional” version with proprietary features. When technically feasible, all features are made available for all open source databases. We do license HTSQL for use in conjunction with proprietary databases, but there is no “special sauce”.

To collaborate with us, please read our covenant.

Contacting Us

For questions about HTSQL, we will often respond with answers relative to the demo schema as described in the HTSQL Tutorial. Questions asked using this schema will be easier to answer.

Sponsorship & Support

We have lots of things we’d like HTSQL to do, and we’re sure you do as well. Sponsoring features will help us get them done faster. All features developed through sponsorship are billed at a collaborative, cost-based rate, or treated as donations to support work on HTSQL. Sponsors are prominently listed on our homepage.

We are able to offer support agreements. This is a retainer and maintenance agreement that helps us keep technical staff focused on continuously improving HTSQL and assisting your team with any issues they may encounter.

If you are interested, please request a quote via our web form, or ask cce in #htsql on freenode.

Contributions & Collaboration

We welcome free software collaborators. Please subscribe to htsql-users and join us at #htsql.

Since HTSQL uses a plugin mechanism for extensions, there is typically no need for commit access to our repository, nor any reason to fork. Further, when we prepare our free software distribution we seek to include 3rd party extensions that do not otherwise require non-free component parts. Our project is governed such that improvements are considered based upon technical merit. We will not withhold our own features to release them in a proprietary version of this work.

Direction and growth of this project is currently subject to our own application requirements and funding. However, it must instead become a function of adoption, including community contributions and financial revenue from feature sponsorship, technical support, or licensing of HTSQL for proprietary database systems.

For works that we would incorporate into our repository, we do require intellectual property assignment. In exchange, we give our word as a open source covenant that we will maintain this work and not take it soley proprietary with your contributions; else, we will release this entire work under the Apache license if future support is not forthcoming. We do not have a contribution agreement yet prepared, but when needed, we intend to model it after the Contributor Agreement, described by Bruce Perens’ The Covenant - A New Approach to Open Source Cooperation.